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About the Shoot

When should I schedule my shoot?
I advise six to ten weeks before your due date, but.....
Scheduling depends on how your pregnancy progresses. Schedule earlier if you're slowing down, schedule when it's convenienent and you like your shape if you're feeling great!
What should I bring?
Bring anything you feel comfortable in and LOVE. Avoid patterns, stripes and plaids unless you love them more than anything.
Pants - jeans (any color), black pants
Shirts - big, white, button-down rumpled man's shirt
Tanks - anything fitted or stretchy in solid colors (white, black, red, blue...)
What does the photographer provide?
White and gold drapery
A white nightgown
A cream robe
What beauty preparation should I consider?
Get a manicure and a pedicure a day or two in advance
Wear makeup! You'll get the best results if you do your own makeup or visit a makeup center prior to your shoot. Call to talk about these options.
Don't wear anything binding to the shoot - you don't want marks on your skin!
What happens after the shoot?
I will post your images in private, password-protected galleries within 48 hours of your shoot.
These images are extremely private. Can I restrict the photographer's use?
This is a common request. I completely understand that you might not want to share these very personal images with the world. Just let me know and I will most certainly respect your privacy.
Can I get a CD or digital files?
I make a CD with all your previews at 4x5 inches @ 72dpi available for purchase. This size is perfect for screensavers and emailing to friends and family. It is not dense enough for printing.

Under most circumstances I do NOT part with high resolution files unless you request an image buyout for $1,000 per 100 files. In this case, I will burn a CD with Jpegs (4x5" @ 300dpi).

Occasionally I will sell a digital image for a birth announcement or other personal use, but in all cases I retain the copyright and in no case may the purchaser ever sell the image.